FG Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Brief description

The FG Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in the German Network for Health Services Research was founded in 2014 by resolution of the board of the German Society for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ).
The FG sees itself as a crystallization point and focus for health services research in all areas of child and adolescent medicine.
Members from the fields of paediatric surgery, paediatric and adolescent psychiatry, outpatient paediatrics / professional association as well as from many different areas of paediatrics and adolescent medicine were already present at the founding meeting.
In addition, members of the board of the German Network for Health Services Research e. V. had an influence on brainstorming and the first steps towards operationalisation of the work.

Current activities
  • Organisation of symposia and workshops at the conferences for health services research, paediatric and adolescent medicine and epidemiology
  • Multiplier function for members in all areas of paediatric and adolescent medicine in order to make health services research in the field better known and to initiate and support joint projects.
  • Collaboration and proposal development for the German Centre for Child and Youth Health, which was initiated by the board of the German Society for Child and Youth Medicine (DGKJ)
  • Initiation and coordination of a memorandum for paediatric care research.