8. DNVF-Forum Versorgungsforschung

12.05.2021 | Digital / Berlin

The 8th DNVF Forum on Health Services Research will take place on 12.05.2021 from 10:30 - 14:30 digitally, broadcast from Berlin.

Routine Practice Data - Methodological Requirements and Benefits

Existing data sources (especially registries) can already be used to answer specific questions. The DNVF manual for methods and use of health care data for knowledge generation shows how good practice with health care data for evidence generation can succeed. The use of health care data is basically independent of the type of study.

In the forum, it will be discussed how recommendations for specific procedures can be pointed out in a targeted manner for different questions from a scientific point of view. In his keynote speech, Prof. Holger Schünemann will talk about the integrative assessment of evidence generation from health care data. Best practice studies will be used to show what possibilities health services research already has today with existing data resources, especially in pandemic management, and what the future research data centre will offer health services research.

The aim of the panel discussion is, firstly, to show how existing data sources of health care-related data can be better used for research and the improvement of health care. Secondly, it will be discussed what needs to be done to expand the potential of care-related data in order to create a better basis for knowledge-generating networking of care and research.

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