AG Promotion of junior scientists

Brief description

Fortunately, healthcare research is becoming increasingly important in Germany. Against the background of limited resources and the simultaneous demand for quality and transparency in health care, the interest in results from studies of the health care situation, which adopt high methodological quality is growing. Consequently, there is a growing need for qualified and committed young scientists , doctoral candidates and post-docs in order to meet the expectations of health policy and practice to be able to meet the demands of health services research in the future.
The working group for the promotion of young researchers has set itself the goal of initiating targeted activities within the DNVF to promote young researchers. One of the AG’s main tasks is the conception and organization of special workshops geared to young researchers and of pre-conference seminars offered as part of the annual German Conference for Health Services Research (DKVF). Networking of scientists within the DKVF and beyond is also supported. Special seminars are offered at the DNVF Spring School. Furthermore, the AG is committed to the ongoing promotion of conference scholarships and poster awards.
The working group is open for all DNVF members and external colleagues seeking a scientific career in the field of health services research. Interested colleagues can contact the AG's spokespersons (see below for contact details) at any time.

Main areas of work 2018-2020

The central concern in the reporting period was the implementation of an online survey of young researchers: online survey of a convenience sample of young researchers* in health services research in January and February 2019. The questionnaire was based on the "Systemic Situation Analysis of Young Researchers in Clinical Research" (IGES, 2014) and was adapted to the context of health services research. A total of n=345 persons participated in the online survey.
In addition, the networking of young researchers was a particular concern of the AG at the DKVF 2019. We want to reach students, doctoral candidates and postdocs with the services offered. The following events took place at the DKVF 2019:

  • Breakfast meeting of the AG Promotion of Junior Scientists
  • Lecture on the online survey of young scientists
  • Lecture session on the DFG Junior Researcher Academy of Health Services Research
  • "Masters Corner" as a format in which students present ongoing student projects

The following activities are planned for 2020

  • Further evaluation and dissemination of the results of the online survey and deduction of consequences from the online survey
  • “Meet the Experts" offer at the DKVF 2020
  • Continuation of the "Masters Corner" at the DKVF 2020
  • to enable more active participation of young scientists in the DKVF