AG Qualitative Methods

Speakers and founding members

Spokeswomen of the working group Qualitative Methods are Angélique Herrler (Universitätsklinik Düsseldorf), Dr. Milena von Kutzleben (Universität Oldenburg) and Dr. Nadine Pohontsch (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf). The founding members of the AG are - in alphabetical order - Dr. Corina Güthlin (Goethe University Frankfurt/Main), Prof. Dr. Christine Holmberg (Brandenburg Medical School), Dr. Ute Karbach (Cologne University), Prof. Dr. Thorsten Meyer (Bielefeld University), Dr. Christiane Patzelt (Hanover University of Applied Sciences) and Prof. Dr. Maren Stamer (Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin).

Goals and tasks

The original mandate to the founding members of the working group was to prepare a contribution to the DNVF memorandum on qualitative health services research. After two years with different preparatory work, a six-member working group was formed (see above), which stimulated necessary discussions within and outside of health services research by preparing three discussion papers, thus creating a basis for a future memorandum (Meyer et al. 2012, Karbach et al. 2012, Stamer et al. 2015). After completion of these discussion papers, the group expanded in 2012 to work on the topic of group discussions in health services research. This work has resulted in two publications in the journal Das Gesundheitswesen (Pohontsch/Müller et al. 2018, Xyländer/Kleineke et al. 2019). At the DKVF 2017, the working group was again opened to interested parties. Due to the great response, the working group was divided into several small groups in order to remain able to work. Currently, the following active small groups exist: Working group Ethics in Qualitative Health Care Research, Working group Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Studies in Health Care Research, Working group Mixed Methods in Qualitative Health Care Research and the Working group New Media in Qualitative Health Care Research. At the moment the working groups are not accepting any new members. However, those interested in participating in the working groups can contact the spokesperson, Dr. Nadine Pohontsch (


Active participation in the Spring School 2019:"Introduction to Qualitative Health Services Research" as part of the introductory module (Pohontsch)Advanced training module "Group discussion as a qualitative method in health services research" (Xyländer, Klindworth)

  • Advanced training module "Mixed-methods studies - basic ideas, variants, potentials and challenges of combining quantitative and qualitative research methods for health care research" (Holmberg, Pohontsch)
  • Participation in the Scientific Advisory Board of the Spring School (Pohontsch, Xyländer)
  • 2 working meetings of the entire AG per year (Hannover/within the framework of the DKVF)
  • Work in small groups on specific topics in the field of qualitative health services research
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