Benefits of regular institutional membership

Shaping health services research through participation in the DNVF working and specialist group

Members are welcome to participate in the network's current 25 working groups (Arbeitsgruppe) and expert groups (Fachgruppe). They can actively participate in the preparation of memoranda and/or publications of the DNVF working or expert groups. In addition, members can submit a proposal to the board of directors regarding the foundation of a new working or expert group and assume the coordination of the group if the board approves this establishment.

Active participation in health policy through participation in the Ad hoc commissions of the DNVF and in commenting procedures

The DNVF is regularly invited by the IQTIG and the Federal Ministry of Health to participate in commenting procedures. The comments are prepared by the respective thematically qualified working and expert groups or, if necessary, by Ad hoc commissions. Ad hoc commissions are also established on other current tasks, activities and topics of the Network and of health services research. Participation is open to all members.

Inform yourself, network and work together in the protected member area

DNVF members receive a membership access key for the protected member area at On these pages, internal information of the association is stored (e.g. minutes, draft resolutions, working papers, etc.). Working groups may work together on documents and initiate blogs on specific topics.

Commenting and signing the DNVF memoranda

The DNVF memoranda prepared in the DNVF working groups are submitted to the institutional and corresponding members for commenting and then for final co-signing before publication. Within a given period of time, the members can decide whether they wish to be listed by name on the publication of a memorandum.

Active participation in the General Assembly (MV)

The voting rights of institutional members of Sections 1 (professional societies), 2 (scientific institutes and research associations) and 3 (legal entities and associations of persons) shall be represented at the MV by a person who needs to be determined in advance (representative/deputy or person with power of attorney). The members of sections 2 and 3 shall each have one vote. The professional association vote factor shall be calculated in such a way that the professional associations retain a significant influence in the network. Currently, professional societies' votes in the MV are weighted fivefold.

Lower participation fees for members for the DNVF Forum for Health Services Research

Members receive a discount at the DNVF Forum for Health Services Research. The regular participation fee is 95 € and the reduced fee for members and employees of DNVF member organizations is 55 €.

Exclusive application for the Wilfried Lorenz Health Care Research Award

The DNVF annually awards the Wilfried Lorenz Health Care Research Prize, worth €2,500, which serves to further develop health care research in Germany and promote young scientists. The prize is awarded in memory of the DNVF's honorary member, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Lorenz (1939-2014). The prize is intended to honour and promote an individual or a group of scientists who are members of the DNVF and who apply with an original paper that has been published in a peer-reviewed Journal or has been accepted for publication in the 12 months preceding the call for applications. Members and staff of institutional DNVF members can also apply.

Free access to DNVF publications

The DNVF publication organ is the journal "Das Gesundheitswesen". Memoranda and publications of the DNVF and its working and expert groups are published in this journal. DNVF members can access the DNVF publications free of charge via a direct link in the protected member area of the DNVF website. This also applies to the four DNVF pages in the journal "Monitor Versorgungsforschung" (MVF), which mainly refer to and report on DNVF events.

What's going on in the network? The DNVF Newsletter

The DNVF newsletter for members is published about six times a year including current topics of health services research, job offers, reports on activities and links to DNVF publications.

Take advantage of the advisory services offered by the AG Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO)

The DNVF working group "Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO)" is available to DNVF members for free research advice on the selection of PRO instruments. To contact the working group, an application form is available in the protected member area, in which the applicant outlines criteria of his or her request.

Present your own research at the German Conference for Health Services Research (DKVF)

The members of the institutional members have the possibility to apply for the scientific program with abstract contributions. In addition, the conference offers various presentation areas where institutional members can introduce themselves and their activities, present study programmes, research projects, etc. The professional societies are invited annually to nominate particularly successful health care research studies or projects to be presented on the conference.

Promote your own events in the DNVF calendar of events

The DNVF maintains a calendar of events on its homepage, in which institutional members as well as supporting members and corresponding members can publish their conference dates, workshops and meetings. The DNVF provides regular information on current events in its newsletter and in the journal Monitor Versorgungsforschung.

DNVF organizes lectures on health services research for you

On request, the DNVF participates in the conferences and annual meetings of the institutional DNVF members with lectures, workshops or seminars. If you are interested, please contact the DNVF office, which will be happy to arrange speakers from the working groups and specialist groups or from the Executive Committee. A prerequisite for active participation is that the DNVF itself does not incur any costs from these activities.